"Good News" Gabby Agbonlahor makes 'big' Manchester City prediction after 'good news' for Everton - soocer442
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“Good News” Gabby Agbonlahor makes ‘big’ Manchester City prediction after ‘good news’ for Everton



Gabby Agbonlahor predicts “big” things for Manchester City following “good news” for Everton.Despite the punishment handed down to Everton, Gabby Agbonlahor has stated that he cannot foresee Manchester City or Chelsea receiving a significant points deduction within the next couple of years.


The former Aston Villa forward questioned the appropriate timeline for investigations and punishments, stating that there must be a point at which they must stop, and that they cannot retrospectively claim any trophies City has won.The timing of the decision, according to Agbonlahor, is a plus for Everton because it was made in the first half of the season as opposed to when things become increasingly difficult later on.The talkSPORT host questioned the decisions live on November 22 as he stated: “I do not foresee Manchester City or Chelsea suffering a significant points deduction in the coming years.


“To what degree do you return for Manchester City?” Given that I doubt they will return with anything that Manchester City has acquired, what should you do with the remainder of the season? Are you now doing it?”The positive news regarding Everton is that they have been afforded an opportunity to recoup their lost points. “Even after deducting their ten points, I believe they will be one victory away from escaping the bottom three.”Observing them incur the point deduction so rapidly further solidified the penalty as an immediate deduction of ten points.

“At the very least, Everton supporters will think, ‘At least we’ve been deducted now; come March it may be even closer to the bottom of the table.'”Consider Manchester City and Chelsea to be culpable for financial infractions, as has been the case with Everton. Under such circumstances, their penalties must exhibit a comparable degree of severity and harshness to the ten-point deduction inflicted upon the Toffees.


A lack of consistency on the part of the Premier League and their independent council would inevitably give rise to allegations of bias and insinuation of preferential treatment for the larger clubs, who would receive lighter sanctions.Everton are already preparing to appeal their decision on the grounds that it was disproportionate and excessively severe; if consistency is not demonstrated, the decisions made regarding other investigations will prove their point, regardless of whether they have a valid case.


Retrospective punishment in the form of trophy removal is highly improbable, as Agbonlahor aptly notes. However, imposing a significant deduction in points is the sole practical sanction to administer subsequent to the incident.