Breaking News : Lawyers reveal what could happen to European football if Man City don't face penalty for FFP charges. - soocer442
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Manchester City

Breaking News : Lawyers reveal what could happen to European football if Man City don’t face penalty for FFP charges.



Given recent events, it is possible that the absence of punishment will infuriate the footballing community.The subject of financial matters in football has gained significant attention since the disclosure of Everton’s ten-point deduction last week. However, other clubs have also encountered considerable criticism as a result of the news.

Although the Toffees were imposed penalties for violating financial fair play and sustainability regulations (FFP), subsequent discussion has centered on the 115 counts levied against Manchester City earlier this year. The city contests the allegations and denies them.The Times also reported that, should allegations be proven by an independent regulatory commission, Manchester City and Chelsea are among the clubs that could be subject to a 30-point deduction or automatic relegation.In an article for the International Sports Law Review, as cited by The Manchester Evening News, two sport lawyers, Dr. Gregory Ioannidis and Dr. Dan Plumley, caution the footballing community that if Manchester City is not subjected to substantial penalties for their purported transgressions, it could incite considerable discontent among the leading clubs in Europe—to the extent of mutiny—if not held accountable.


“Various dynamics are at play, each exerting influence over the decision-making process of a stakeholder.” Regardless of the outcome of the ongoing dispute, it is highly probable that UEFA will encounter significant discontent from its member clubs, potentially leading to a mutiny.The financial strength of football clubs like Manchester City, coupled with the expertise of their attorneys dissecting the inefficiency and complexity of the regulations (contra preferentem is an example) can only serve to illustrate the feeble application of such regulations.They write that “the Premier League’s argument that Manchester City failed to cooperate with its investigation would be insufficient.”


“In order to establish that Manchester City, in violation of the present regulations, failed to provide accurate financial information (or lied about it), the Premier League would need to provide more than this, in the form of factual and evidentiary proof.”