'He was excellent': Gareth Southgate left blown away by 'outstanding' Man City player last night. - soocer442
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‘He was excellent’: Gareth Southgate left blown away by ‘outstanding’ Man City player last night.



Yesterday evening, Gareth Southgate was astounded by a Manchester City player who was described as “outstanding.”Gareth Southgate gushed about Rico Lewis on Monday night, following England’s 1-1 draw with North Macedonia.


The Three Lions manager stated on Channel 4 (20/11/2023) that Lewis performed admirably in his début for his country despite starting at left-back, a position he was unfamiliar with.Additionally, Southgate lauded the Manchester City defender prior to the match, stating that he was “extremely pleased” with his progress during training and integration into the squad.


The word “excellent” is praised by Gareth Southgate. Rico Lewis after North Macedonia and England drew 1-1.

Once more, the 19-year-old appeared composed on the main stage, maintaining the ball exceptionally well and connecting plays admirably.


Although the Three Lions conceded a penalty due to Lewis’ challenge, which ultimately resulted in the opposition’s opening goal, the decision to award the spot-kick was certainly peculiar.


Rico Lewis, on the other hand, was extolled by Gareth Southgate as one of England’s most outstanding performers against North Macedonia.”He was outstanding. We do not hold him accountable in any capacity. His attitude toward the object was extraordinary. He stated to Channel 4 following the confrontation, “We were extremely, extremely pleased with his performance, so he ought to be extremely pro ud.”


Southgate further stated, “Excellent composure and tenacity.” It appeared that he had nothing from which to return. I am aware that as a participant, you may occasionally feel that way. But we were under the impression that no crime had been committed.


“We simply emphasized how well he was performing and how well the team was performing, emphasizing the need to continue probing.” We anticipated that a goal would be scored and that more would follow.”Rico Lewis’s greatest asset is his adaptability.

Rico Lewis, a mere adolescent, has earned the confidence of England manager Gareth Southgate and former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola to perform out of position against North Macedonia on account of his extraordinary versatility.


Notwithstanding his lack of natural aptitude as a left-back, Lewis’ exceptional technical security and keen football acumen render him a reliable candidate for deployment at any position across the pitch.


This is yet another reason why the Manchester City wonderkid can perform in a variety of positions higher up the field.


It is not surprising that Rico Lewis is able to accumulate so many minutes at such a tender age.Young candidates are typically required to patiently await their opportunity and hope that the senior players in question will either retire or become obsolete, at which point they will be granted another chance.


Nonetheless, it is precisely this quality that sets the treble-winner apart from the rest, as he stays on the cutting edge of his field.