Kyle Walker delivers his verdict on Rico Lewis after his debut for England last night. - soocer442
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Manchester City

Kyle Walker delivers his verdict on Rico Lewis after his debut for England last night.



Gareth Southgate was astounded by the “outstanding” performance of a Manchester City player last night.Kyle Walker offers his assessment of Rico Lewis following last night’s England debut.Following his debut for England in Monday’s 1-1 draw against North Macedonia, Rico Lewis was praised by Kyle Walker.


Walker was questioned by Channel 4 (20/11/2023) regarding the conduct of his Manchester City teammate following the match.”Fantastic” Rico Lewis makes his England debut against North Macedonia, and Kyle Walker extols him.

Gareth Southgate lauded Rico Lewis’s seamless transition to the Three Lions system prior to the match.


The 19-year-old demonstrated remarkable technical assurance while out of position, linking up well with Jack Grealish on the left flank and committing few errors.

Following the draw between England and North Macedonia, Kyle Walker spoke positively about Rico Lewis.”He is an excellent young man. He consistently demonstrates his quality, and to perform for our team, he certainly merits this cap, as I believe he has been outstanding. “Therefore, congrats!” Walker exclaimed on Channel 4.


Rico Lewis could succeed the veteran as the club and national heir apparent.

As Rico Lewis maintains his impressive form for Manchester City and England in their match against North Macedonia, he has the potential to eventually replace Kyle Walker.


The veteran right back, who has won the Premier League five times, is not getting any younger, and although he continues to perform at an exceptional level, it is unlikely that he will do so for several years.Although Rico Lewis is an entirely different player than the former Tottenham defender, he has demonstrated the necessary qualities to succeed him.


Lewis’s dexterousness when playing as an inverted right-back suggests that he might be a more resourceful tactical asset than Walker.


Additionally, the child is considerably more technically proficient in all phases of play.


If Rico Lewis significantly improves his defensive prowess, he could seamlessly supplant Kyle Walker for both the club and the country.Lewis must concentrate for the time being on accumulating as many minutes as possible for both teams.