'He's not been good': Jose Enrique says 20-year-old Liverpool youngster was actually poor last night. - soocer442
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‘He’s not been good’: Jose Enrique says 20-year-old Liverpool youngster was actually poor last night.



“He hasn’t been good,” says Jose Enrique of the 20-year-old Liverpool player who went down last night.A lot of people liked how Jarrell Quansah played for Liverpool on Thursday.

The back scored his first goal for Liverpool in the Europa League, so it makes sense that that was the main topic of conversation.But Jose Enrique said on his YouTube channel that Quansah shouldn’t be too proud of how he did in the middle of the week.


In fact, Enrique said that the defender wasn’t very good at defense in the Europa League, saying that this was the first time he’d seen him play live and he wasn’t pleased.Enrique not impressed

The commentator said what he thought about the defense.


His game hasn’t been good today, though. A lot of people have said nice things about him, but I still don’t give my view 100%. That’s the first time I’ve seen him live. I watched the games the next day on Wyscout because I was busy, but this is the first game I’ve seen him. I need to see him more to get a good look at him. “He scored the goal, which is good, but I don’t think he’s been good at defense,” Enrique said.


Tires that are dead

On Thursday, Quansah wasn’t playing his best, but the whole Liverpool team wasn’t playing their best.


There was no way the Reds could lose this game because they already knew they were out of the group.No one is to blame if Quansah or anyone else slows down in this game.


Overall, the 20-year-old has been very good for Liverpool this season. He still has a lot to show, but he looks like an exciting prospect, and he’s definitely growing as a player.


Even though Quansah didn’t play his best this week, his goal should still give him a lot of confidence to keep going.