Jose Bordalas has revealed what Mason Greenwood needs to do at Getafe following his move from Manchester United.. - soocer442
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Jose Bordalas has revealed what Mason Greenwood needs to do at Getafe following his move from Manchester United..



The tasks that Mason Greenwood must complete at Getafe subsequent to his transfer from Manchester United have been disclosed by Jose Bordalas.

Since his loan from Manchester United to Getafe last summer, Greenwood has appeared in 15 games across all competitions this year.


Five goals have been scored since his return to action after a year-long absence from club training and competition.


A multitude of clubs had expressed interest in the 22-year-old prior to his agreement with the La Liga club.It was believed that Italian and German clubs were interested in signing him for the 2023/24 season.Bordalas, the manager of Getafe, verified the interest of Serie A clubs while contemplating the “gamble” to acquire Greenwood.


Additionally, he described him as a “good boy” but stated that he must improve his Spanish.”Well, he said to Marca via Football Espana with a great deal of composure and tolerance, knowing that he had been sidelined for an extended period of time without participating in games and virtually without training. However, our confidence was bolstered by the aptitude and capability that he had demonstrated.


“Going after a player of this caliber at Getafe is difficult, if not impossible.” Moreover, considering the circumstances, we decided to wager on him. We are ecstatic and fulfilled because we have a fantastic player who is also a good lad and has integrated in exceptionally well; all he needs to do is improve his Spanish proficiency.”The 59-year-old further stated, “A friend contacted me to inform me of this possibility; we initially believed it was fictitious, but he later confirmed that it was real. There were discussions, and he had other opportunities to play, such as in Serie A; however, many clubs refrained from pursuing him due to the repercussions of the situation, among other factors. We all succeeded, after much difficulty and exertion, in convincing him to visit Getafe.”Greenwood excelled in his most recent appearance for Getafe and may maintain his starting position on January 2 against Rayo Vallecano when they recommence their La Liga campaign.