Jurgen Klopp responds to Erling Haaland punishment after Liverpool fine and ban. - soocer442
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Jurgen Klopp responds to Erling Haaland punishment after Liverpool fine and ban.



Jurgen Klopp reacts to Erling Haaland’s penalty following Liverpool’s fine and suspension.Jurgen Klopp states that the possibility of Erling Haaland receiving a retrospective sanction similar to that which Virgil van Dijk received following his dismissal at Newcastle does not trouble him.

Sunday evening at the Etihad, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur were held to a 3-3 draw. The Norway international Haaland was furious that referee Simon Hooper refused to award an advantage for Jack Grealish’s late pass to Hooper.


The center forward subsequently responded to a footage of the incident with the acronym ‘wtf’ on Twitter. It has been suggested that the City forward may face disciplinary action from the Football Association due to the outburst.In August, Van Dijk received a £100,000 fine and an additional game suspension in retaliation for his reaction to being dismissed at Newcastle. Some have speculated whether Haaland’s post-match frustrations could meet a similar destiny.Nevertheless, despite the clear advantages for Liverpool, Klopp remains indifferent to the prospect of the Premier League’s 14-goal leading scorer being banned for City.


“I have no idea,” Klopp replied. “Throughout the majority of the years, nobody would have recognized what Virgil said.” Wasn’t it “F****** joke” when he said it? I am unaware of the precise nature of Haaland’s statement as I failed to comprehend it.


“The situation is exactly as it is. Honestly, I didn’t give it a second thought when I first heard it; it wasn’t as simple as “Oh, we see; they don’t.” Accepting something is much simpler when one is not emotionally invested in it; doing so during a moment of intense emotion presents a greater challenge. They most likely would have given it some thought, and I maintain a neutral stance regarding the final result.In addition, Klopp reaffirmed the probability that Joel Matip’s knee injury is severe, as the Reds await the results of a scan subsequent to his absence in Sunday’s 4-3 triumph over Fulham.


According to him: “When the doctor comes in and says ‘it doesn’t look great’ [we fear the worst] but we have to wait for the scans and the scan isn’t here yet”As you might expect, it does not appear that amazing. That is never positive news [as stated by the physician]. In my entire life, I have never encountered a situation in which someone exclaimed, “Oh my God, that initial injury diagnosis was absolutely incorrect; he is fine to play tomorrow.” “This does not occur.”