Kris Boyd, Chris Sutton and EX referee Des Roache all gave their verdict on Celtic FC not awarded a penalty after Kyogo Furhashi was fouled by Michael Devlin - soocer442
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Kris Boyd, Chris Sutton and EX referee Des Roache all gave their verdict on Celtic FC not awarded a penalty after Kyogo Furhashi was fouled by Michael Devlin



The Celtic team is back on top of the Scottish Premiership after beating Livingston this afternoon.

And the win couldn’t have come at a better time. We play our foes in the Ibrox Glasgow Derby next Sunday. If Celtic wins, they will stay at the top of the table.

But the score today could have been much different if Celtic had been given a penalty in the first half for clearly fouling Kyogo Furuhashi in the penalty box by Livingston defender Mikey Devlin.

Alan Muir in the VAR room and Sky Sports commentator Kris Boyd didn’t agree with it. The former Rangers player made a crazy claim about what happened that left Chris Sutton and Robert Snodgrass completely confused.

Kris Boyd says some strange things about Kyogo

Kris Boyd, Chris Sutton and EX referee Des Roache all gave their verdict on Celtic FC not awarded a penalty after Kyogo Furhashi was fouled by Michael Devlin

It was Sutton who told Sky Sports, “I think Celtic will feel hard done by. I mean, I’ve had to look at this a lot of times.”

There’s no way Don Robertson could have been sent to the monitor to take a look. You can see that this is the best one.

“Something is wrong. Kyogo got to the ball first, so I really believe that’s a penalty.”

Boyd: “You’ve had to look at it several times and still can’t decide.” “So it’s not pretty clear.”

Snodgrass: “That angle there costs you.” That wouldn’t be a good punishment, would it? Let’s go!”

Boyd: “He was already down before the calls were made.”

He replied, “Well, he’s not.” That game you’re watching is not the same.”

The kick can be seen there; he takes his leg away from him. Kyogo is trying to hold the ball up there, but Livingston’s defender takes his back leg away.

Boyd then went on and on about Kyogo holding his ankle, skipping the pictures from Sky Sports that showed Devlin clearly hitting Kyogo on the left knee.

Boyd’s point of view doesn’t come as a surprise. He often doesn’t agree with the choices Celtic get (or don’t get in this case), and his opinions always get him into trouble.

But for now, Celtic can focus on next week and get ready for a big game at Ibrox. They should also make sure that their best players are healthy and ready for what will be a huge moment in the title race.

To be honest, at this point in the season, every game is a must-win. After beating West Lothian, Celtic are now in charge.

But it was a bit of a huff-and-puff show as Celtic fought to break down a stubborn Livingston defense for 45 rough minutes in the first half.

Many people thought that referee Don Robertson should have given a clear penalty when Livingston captain Mikey Devlin tackled Kyogo Furuhashi near the end of the first half. This would have made things a lot easier.

People in the Sky Sports studio got very angry about the decision not to give a penalty kick. Chris Sutton and Robert Snodgrass criticized Kris Boyd for having such a strange view of the situation.

But who was right? If Sutton says the Celtic should have had a penalty, is he right? If Boyd says there wasn’t enough contact to earn a penalty, is he right?

Kyogo and Devlin are “getting together.”
Well, Des Roache, a former Grade 1 SFA referee, says that the officials who made the call on the field made the right choice and Sutton and Snodgrass were wrong.

“I’m looking at it now,” Roache said in Behind the Whistles. That is a getting together and, as you said, a football matter.

“I know Celtic fans will be yelling for it, but that’s just a normal touch.”

What does that even mean? It’s important to note that Roache has worked at the highest level of football, both for the SFA and for FIFA. [The Daily Record]

It’s hard to understand how he came to this conclusion. On the podcast’s official X channel, they go on to say more about why they didn’t think it was a penalty for Celtic: “On yesterday’s Podcast. A lot of what we thought about the Kyogo call at Livingston was the same.

I think quickly, and so does Kyogo and Gordon. In both cases, they put their feet in motion that was already going on. Football is a rough sport. There’s no reason for either of them to be punished. Devlin is already putting his leg in for the ball when Kyogo jumps across, though.

“The first contact was Kyogo’s foot landing on Devlin’s, and then Devlin’s knee went in to Kyogo.”

I believe I can say that this penalty incident did not happen when the game was played at full speed. That’s the problem with using stills to prove something or make a choice.

They don’t show everything. The missed penalty call didn’t hurt Celtic, though, as we went on to win 3-0. But with the title race being so close this season, every goal and every mistake by the refs could have terrible results.

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