Latest Celtic Fc news: Following the admission of UEFA, Celtic and Rangers are scheduled to undergo a Champions League draw revision - soocer442
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Latest Celtic Fc news: Following the admission of UEFA, Celtic and Rangers are scheduled to undergo a Champions League draw revision



Over the course of the following season, the tournament will undergo significant transformations, and there are plans in the works to simplify the draw process.

Due to the fact that UEFA determined that it would take “three or four hours” to manually arrange the draw in accordance with the new format of the competition, the Champions League draw is scheduled to undergo a significant upgrade this summer.

The governing body of European football is implementing new designs for all three of its men’s club tournaments for the upcoming season. The Champions League group phase, which has been in place since the 1999-2000 season, will be replaced by a league phase that will consist of 36 teams that will compete against each other. The European Union Football Association (UEFA) is working to develop a format that will reduce the number of dead rubbers, pit major teams against each other earlier in the competition, and place additional significance on finishing position in the league when it comes to the knockout draw. In the league phase, every team will face eight different opponents.

Latest Celtic Fc news: Following the admission of UEFA, Celtic and Rangers are scheduled to undergo a Champions League draw revision

Rangers are currently in the lead over their Old Firm rivals by two points with nine matches remaining, thus the draw format will be of importance to them. While Celtic and Rangers are competing for the Premiership title, Rangers are currently in the lead. The teams that finish in second place in the league are the ones that will compete in the third qualifying round of Europe’s blue riband competition. The league champions will move directly to the group stages.

It is currently the case that teams are selected manually from seeded pots; however, Giorgio Marchetti, the deputy general secretary of UEFA, has admitted that it would not be possible for the draw to continue to be conducted entirely manually. Marchetti estimates that the Champions League draw alone could take “three or four hours” and involve approximately 900 balls if it continued from its current state.

Although the specific format for the draw is still in the final stages of planning, the European Union Football Association (UEFA) has stated that it would be a “hybrid” event that will involve both the hand drawing of balls and the use of automation. To prevent any allegations that the draw was manipulated, the European Union Football Association (UEFA) stated that any automatic parts would continue to be inspected independently. Other than in extremely rare situations, teams from the same country will be separated until the new knockout round play-off. The new round will be fought by the teams that finished ninth to 24th in the league phase of the previous round.

A tennis-style seeding system will be implemented by UEFA beginning with the last 16 of the competition. This will ensure that the clubs who finish first and second in the league phase are placed in opposite parts of the draw and will not be able to compete against one other until the final.

Two European performance slots (EPS) are reserved for teams from nations that were collectively the best performers in the European campaign of the previous season. These teams are eligible to compete in the league phase. Italy and Germany are now occupying those slots, which would mean that the fifth-placed teams in each of those divisions, who are currently Roma and RB Leipzig, would be eligible to receive the earning potential. Due to the fact that England is currently one spot behind Germany, Manchester United may find themselves in the peculiar circumstance of having to hope that their bitter rivals, Manchester City and Liverpool, win the Champions League and Europa League, respectively, in order to potentially open up a fifth Champions League qualifying spot through the Premier League table.

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