'No, not exactly': Jurgen Klopp admits he's been left surprised by 20-year-old Liverpool player. - soocer442
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‘No, not exactly’: Jurgen Klopp admits he’s been left surprised by 20-year-old Liverpool player.



“No, not exactly,” Jurgen Klopp concedes, expressing surprise at the 20-year-old Liverpool player.Jurgen Klopp has lauded Jarell Quansah’s maturation since joining Liverpool.

Quansah, who was in the lead against LASK in the Europa League last night, delivered yet another outstanding performance. Klopp acknowledged in his post-match press conference that while he was aware of the 20-year-old’s talent, he was taken aback by the extent of his improvement.”That is absolutely ideal for us,” exclaimed the Liverpool manager. “Jarell performed admirably in the contest. But, in addition, the final procession for the evening, commencing from the right… Ibou [Konate], on top; Joey [Gomez], on top, on top, on top. His removal was the result of a medical decision. Sure, there are no hazards involved; give him minutes without overextending him, and Jarell did indeed perform exceptionally well in that game.


“In all honesty, that could not be better news for the club.” I believe that prior to this season, many individuals advised us to purchase a center-back.


“We were certain that we possessed Jarell.” Were we unaware that he would appear in this manner? We were not exactly pessimistic, but nonetheless, the future appears promising. “That is cool.”With the exception of Caoimhin, who made one or two saves, our own son, who was composed with the ball, adept at the challenge, quick, and ruthless when the occasion called for it, [he] most certainly had the most spectacular defensive situations in which he once again protected our rear end. That’s remarkable, indeed. “This is the most important news for us.”


Quansah appears to be him.

Klopp has provided an apt response in this instance. A certain degree of discontent among Liverpool supporters existed during the summer due to the club’s decision not to acquire a new center-back.


The aging of Joel Matip, the minor decline of Gomez, and the injury propensity of Konate suggested that an alternative option was required.Few would have predicted that Quansah, who was out on loan in League One with Bristol Rovers last season, would be that option. However, the juvenile has thus far appeared entirely mature.


Put simply, if a £30 million or £40 million acquisition had been made at the age of 20, and performed as he has, a multitude of extravagant assertions would have been made regarding their future.While Quansah has undoubtedly received considerable acclaim, which is entirely warranted, no one is claiming Liverpool are in possession of the next Virgil van Dijk or anything comparable.We recognize that we must manage Jarell’s expectations at this time, but we fail to see why that is not possible.


His passing is exceptional, his game awareness is significantly superior to his age, and his overall defensive play is precise and orderly. It appears as though Quansah has been a Liverpool player for years.


All participants inevitably encounter a period of difficulty at some point. But for the time being, Klopp’s strategic choice to support his academy and abstain from the transfer market appears to be a brilliant one. Continue onwards, Jarell!