OFFICIAL: Will Zinedine Zidane replace Erik Ten Hag has officially as coach? YES OR NO - Answer given - soocer442
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OFFICIAL: Will Zinedine Zidane replace Erik Ten Hag has officially as coach? YES OR NO – Answer given



OFFICIAL: The contract between Zinedine


Zidane and Manchester United has been finalized — It has been confirmed that Ten Hag has been fired. This morning, the letter of dismissal arrived.Richard Keys, a former host for Sky Sports, has presented his strategy for reestablishing Manchester United, which begins with the hiring of Erik ten Hag as chief executive officer. Despite the fact that the Red Devils were outworked in their 1-0 loss to Newcastle away from Old Trafford on Saturday evening, the Dutchman’s status at Old Trafford continues to be under scrutiny.

The fact that United is currently in fourth place, five points below Aston Villa, and that they are also in the bottom of their Champions League group prompted Keys to demand that Ten Hag be fired from his position. The only teams in the Premier League that have scored fewer goals than United this season are Crystal Palace and the four sides that are now in last place. Keys believes that it is time for the former Ajax head coach to leave, and he will be replaced by Xabi Alonso.Between the years 2004 and 2009, Alonso was a standout player for Liverpool.

After retiring, he took over as manager of Bayer Leverkusen, where he led the team to the top spot in the Bundesliga by playing some of the most exciting football in the championship. On the other hand, Keys has proposed that he be provided with a five-year guarantee at United, which would be comparable to the security that Sir Alex Ferguson was previously provided with.


With regard to the events that have taken place at Manchester United, what is the response? On beIN SPORTS, I asked for the keys. “I gave that a lot of thought, and here is my theory in regard to it. My sincere gratitude goes out to the current coach for his time. In the event that I was unable to instantly go out and acquire my top target, I would then be stuck in a rut until I was able to do so.

However, the player that I believe Manchester United ought to acquire is… United is no longer in a situation where they are able to sign top players if they become available. This is because United is no longer in that position. It is simply not going to happen that they will sign with Manchester United any longer. They are unable to go out and accomplish what they used to do, which was to sign the best player from every other team.


It is my opinion that Manchester United should travel to Leverkusen at this time and communicate to Xabi Alonso that they would like him to come to Old Trafford. We are going to offer you money from the Saudi League, and we are going to guarantee you five years’ tenure. This is the situation that Fergie found himself in when he initially arrived at Manchester United.


“No matter what else occurs, you have five years to figure out a solution to this problem for us. And for me, he is the one who is the individual, the coach, and the person who has the potential to get something going.


The chief executive officer of Bayer Leverkusen, Fernando Carro, has lately refuted the notion that Alonso’s contract contains a release clause. This comes after rumors circulated that he could be moving to other clubs, such as Liverpool and Real Madrid.


Due to the fact that he has shown to be one of the most promising possibilities on the coaching market and Keys’ ideal replacement for Ten Hag, United would face significant competition for his signature if he were to become available.


Officially, the deal between Zinedine Zidane and Manchester United has been finalized. Ten Hag has been terminated from his position. The letter of termination received this morning.