‘Old Trafford is not for useless player like Him yet The Hag keeps believing in Him’: Paul Scholes Says one player is damaging Manchester United structure and need to be put in place. - soocer442
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‘Old Trafford is not for useless player like Him yet The Hag keeps believing in Him’: Paul Scholes Says one player is damaging Manchester United structure and need to be put in place.



Liverpool has been drawn to play Arsenal, while Man City, the current holders of the FA Cup, will face Huddersfield. Meanwhile, Manchester United will face a more difficult opponent that has the potential to eliminate them from the competition. “Old Trafford is not for a useless player like Him, yet The Hag continues to believe in Him,” said the manager. According to Paul Scholes, there is one player who is causing damage to the structure of Manchester United and has to be replaced.Bruno Fernandes was criticized by Paul Scholes, a legend players for Manchester United, for being “all over the place” in the middle of the field during the match against Newcastle United.The manner in which the performance was carried out, as well as some of the dreadful body language that was displayed, was a huge cause for concern. The results might go any way.


Paul Scholes has some criticism for Bruno Fernandes, who is the captain of Manchester United.

There has been a great deal of criticism directed on Marcus Rashford; however, Paul Scholes has shifted his attention to Bruno Fernandes in order to address the situation.


When asked by Premier League Productions, Scholes expressed his opinion that Fernandes was “all over the place” during the match against Newcastle.


Scholes is of the opinion that Fernandes is attempting to do too much at the moment and is nearly trying to emulate Roy of the Rovers.


The former United midfielder believes that Fernandes’s tendency to play in a variety of positions on the field is detrimental to the structure of the United club. He also mentioned that it is difficult to construct play since it is difficult to predict exactly where Fernandes will be at any given moment.Scholes is of the opinion that Fernandes ought to also be making an effort to place other players, since Kobbie Mainoo requires greater discipline in the midfield area around him.


Despite the fact that Scholes observed a significant disparity in terms of positional discipline between Newcastle and United on Saturday, the analyst continued by saying that it is possible that Erik ten Hag is instructing United to play in this manner.


It was Scholes who stated that Manchester United will return to its position of leadership. “That’s our captain, Bruno; he’s playing everywhere he probably shouldn’t be due to the fact that he’s all over the place, absolutely everywhere on the football pitch. In addition to that, he is the one who is responsible for putting people in their places; McTominay is missing elsewhere as well. You are playing away against Newcastle, which is a really difficult game; you only need to play with discipline and manage the team effectively.Kobbie Mainoo, a young man who is coming into the middle of the field, did okay, but he needs somebody next to him, he needs to be held next to him. In a state of indiscipline, you cannot just go off and do whatever you want. In due time, you will be presented with opportunities; however, you must first demonstrate self-control.


“It’s possible that he’s trying to be almost like Roy of the Rovers; he’s trying to be everywhere, and he’s trying to help everybody. However, on a football ground, there are occasions when you can run too much. Too much can be done, and you can be involved in too many different aspects of the industry. The entire structure of the team is being thrown off, in my opinion.


I can picture myself playing with him in the middle midfield position, and I would be completely clueless about his whereabouts. Where is he? Just where is he? The fact that you are on the left side or the right side or that you are going to get the ball off the center halves is of no use to you because there is no pattern to your play and you do not know where your teammates are. You would have to be reminding him all the time, “Look, stay there, stay in the position.”


As you can see, every single one of those players at Newcastle is aware of where the other players are. Would you say that’s it? No, I’m not sure. A lack of discipline on their part, or a lack of discipline on the part of Manchester United? You would not be able to comprehend the magnitude of the impact that knowing where people are may have on your football squad until you have this information.When I was playing, I didn’t even have to look to find out who was playing close to me or who was playing wide; I was aware of both of those things.

“In this team, they are just so fragmented, so all over the place, and it happens so many times that you have to wonder what, if anything, the manager is delivering to them. Is he content with it in that manner? He continued by saying, “With the way that they played tonight, it is impossible for him to like it.”


Ten Hag is still looking for the optimal balance in the midfield position for Manchester United.

During the course of this season, United’s midfield has been exposed to a wide variety of various combinations, and it is likely that we are still not aware of the optimal formation.


In the beginning stages of the season, Bruno started with Casemiro and Mason Mount. However, Casemiro has been absent for significant portions of the campaign, while Mount has not yet begun to show his potential while wearing a United shirt with the team.


Similar to Sofyan Amrabat, another player who was brought in during the summer, Christian Eriksen has been in and out of the team due to injuries, but he is currently out of action.


While Mainoo is demonstrating a great deal of potential, he is still a child. On the other hand, we have probably seen enough to realize that Scott McTominay is not meant to be a holding player.


As a result of all of this, United’s midfield has not been consistent or had any synergy during this season, with Bruno being the only player who has remained consistent.


Although we can see why the United captain might feel the need to be everywhere, especially in light of the criticism that has been leveled against his qualifications as a captain, the fact remains that Ten Hag’s team was far too easy to play against last night, and this simply must continue.