Premier League referees urged to crackdown on new rule after Liverpool star was penalised. - soocer442
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Premier League referees urged to crackdown on new rule after Liverpool star was penalised.



On the inaugural day of the season, Alexis Mac Allister received a caution for fictitiously waving a yellow card. In September, Destiny Udogie did not receive a similar reprimand. PGMOL chief Howard Webb has urged referees to implement a stricter policy towards players who wave fictitious yellow cards.


It follows a string of incidents in the Premier League, including the failure of referee Simon Hooper to dismiss Destiny Udogie. A yellow card-wearing Tottenham defender made a gesture for a card during a September match against Liverpool, but was not issued a card.


Nevertheless, other prominent athletes have received warnings regarding waiving a yellow card this season. Liverpool’s Alexis Mac Allister was penalized on the opening weekend against Chelsea; however, it was his arm gestures that landed him in the referees’ notebook in an attempt to have his opponent booked.Webb, as reported by The Times, advised officials at a referees summit in Loughborough that the policy must be implemented consistently over the course of the current season and into subsequent years. However, the 52-year-old did commend the effectiveness of reducing abuse directed at officials. Webb noted that there have been no instances of mass confrontations this season, in contrast to eight such incidents at this juncture last term.Webb reportedly also implored the VAR to assume greater accountability and intervene when soft penalties are manifestly incorrect. This occurs after Webb instructed VAR to dispute the on-field officials following Hwang Hee-chan’s foul on Fabian Schar, which resulted in Newcastle receiving a penalty.


“We said from the outset that VAR shouldn’t referee the game, it should reserve itself for clear situations when a clear error has occurred on the field and the VAR steps in to have that rectified,” Webb stated earlier in the week.


“The VAR is evaluating the various factors and searching for clear evidence of that error.” To illustrate, has the defender engaged in any ball play? Does any interaction occur among the players?Anthony Taylor indicated the location subsequent to Hwang seemingly apprehending Schar within the vicinity. Replays, however, indicated that Hwang had initially handled the ball, and Wolves insisted it was not a penalty. The decision was not overturned by VAR official Jarred Gillett; Callum Wilson stepped forward to score.”In this situation we see that Hwang doesn’t actually play the ball, the ball is played onto him by Schar and then there’s contact between the two of them, but what the referee is seeing in real-time is Hwang bring that leg through, making contact with Schar,” according to Webb.

“The replay reveals that Hwang draws back slightly with his swing, preventing it from going completely through, while Schar simply brings his foot through and makes contact.


“We feel that this is a situation that reaches the threshold for being a clear and obvious error, even though there’s contact and even though the ball isn’t played by Hwang.”Moving forward with our instruction, we are requesting that the VARs examine it in order to determine where the considerations stand. If they are dissatisfied with the decision on the field, they should inquire with the referee about what they observed. If the answer differs substantially from what is displayed on the video, they should suggest a review, which would allow the referee to revisit the screen and examine it once more.


“The starting point is that the VAR considers it to be an obvious error. “In this circumstance, the VAR fell short of what it ought to have been, in our opinion.”


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