Report: Liverpool's senior players say £20m teammate is the hardest person to tackle in training. - soocer442
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Report: Liverpool’s senior players say £20m teammate is the hardest person to tackle in training.



Senior Liverpool players claim that a £20 million teammate is the most difficult individual to confront during training.Reportedly, Liverpool players have identified a non-performing teammate as the most challenging individual to confront during training.

The Reds have sadly neglected Thiago Alcantara. Since April of last season, when he labored with an injury in the second half, the Spaniard has not made a single appearance for Liverpool.As reported, despite Thiago’s extended absence, the aforementioned personnel and players continue to recognize the caliber of play that he contributes to the team.


Thiago remains in first place.

Considering the caliber of players that Liverpool possesses in their lineup, this is quite an honor for Thiago.


For example, Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah are exceptionally skilled dribblers. Each of them might consider having a chance at this specific championship with a different team.Given that Thiago’s contract expires in the summer, it has been speculated that he might depart in January.


However, a report published today by The Athletic has emphasized his lasting value to Liverpool. In addition to asserting that Jurgen Klopp and his coaches are engaged in ongoing internal deliberations regarding their lack of a No.6 this season, they provide an intriguing anecdote regarding his comrades’ perception of him.


While Thiago has not been in training for a significant duration, ‘longer-serving players and coaching staff’ continue to claim that he is the most challenging player to steal the ball from during practice.Additionally, Alexis Mac Allister is an expert at retaining the object. Curtis Jones recently described how, during training, the Argentine employs a unique technique to evade collisions.


However, it is evident that Thiago is unrivaled by all. The ex-Bayerische Munich player exudes elegance. A slight pirouette and a heel roll will propel him into the wind.When the news breaks that Thiago has resumed giving his Liverpool teammates the run-around during training, that will undoubtedly be a momentous occasion.At the AXA Training Centre, it has been far too long without the £20 million player.


Upon his return, it is improbable that Thiago will immediately integrate into the team. He will need to gradually improve his endurance, and the last thing we need is for another problem to arise as a result of hastening his recovery.


If he is able to return to the training level he has evidently demonstrated in the past, however, Jurgen will quickly reintegrate him. We hope it won’t be too long now.