Report: 'Unbelievable' Liverpool player unlikely to leave in January, but this could be his last season. - soocer442
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Report: ‘Unbelievable’ Liverpool player unlikely to leave in January, but this could be his last season.



Following the farewells of several luminaries in the summer of 2022, Liverpool may bid farewell to another by that time.

Although not a legend of Liverpool, he is, nonetheless, a legend of the sport. Although some might dispute that characterization, Thiago Alcantara has without a doubt been one of the greatest midfielders for at least the past decade.



In his three seasons with the Reds, he has not exhibited the caliber of play that earned him those aforementioned honors more frequently than is regrettable.


Nevertheless, Thiago’s departure will remain a somber day. The Athletic also predicts that day will “probably” occur next summer.


At least one source claims that despite interest rumors, it is “improbable” that the 32-year-old will depart Liverpool in January. Thiago reportedly resolved to see out his contract at Anfield despite overtures from Saudi Arabia prior to the start of the season.



Consequently, it appears probable that he will become a free agent during the upcoming summer. The Athletic asserts that Thiago will then have “many options” to contemplate regarding his subsequent action.


Conclusion of Thiago’s narrative

We would potentially be in the minority, but we would offer Thiago a contract extension if he recovers and is content to remain at Liverpool.


Particularly in light of his high salary, it is inexcusable if his injury issues persist throughout the remainder of the season.However, we see no reason why Thiago shouldn’t remain if he claims to be healthy for the remainder of the season and returns in January.


For the Spaniard, this season and the previous half have been squandered at Liverpool. Having been deprived of observing a master at work for a significant portion of the past three years, it already feels like we’ve been cheated.Why should a one-year contract matter, given that Jurgen Klopp continues to believe in his utility? The advantages of Thiago’s presence undoubtedly surpass the disadvantages. His colleagues adore him, including Nat Phillips, who described him as “incredible” in 2021 [].

It has been reported that Klopp and his coaches have also been lamenting the absence of their No. 6 thus far in the season. He is evidently still in the manager’s plans when he becomes available.


Alternately stated, Liverpool may have wasted no time in releasing one of the most exceptional midfielders of his generation by failing to extract his full potential. That would be greatly regretted.


Numerous supporters will now hold the opposing viewpoint. They will probably regard Thiago as a costly scumbag who can no longer be relied upon. However, observe him depart for another club and turn on the style, causing Liverpool to further lament. Beyond next summer, there is still time for this story to develop further.