'Technically': Freddie Ljungberg likens Liverpool player to Lionel Messi after Crystal Palace win yesterday. - soocer442
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‘Technically’: Freddie Ljungberg likens Liverpool player to Lionel Messi after Crystal Palace win yesterday.



Freddie Ljungberg compares a Liverpool player to Lionel Messi “technically” following yesterday’s victory for Crystal Palace.Freddie Ljungberg compared the passing style of Liverpool midfielder Harvey Elliott to that of Lionel Messi following Elliott’s game-winning goal against Crystal Palace.

Elliott, a 20-year-old England youth international, was the Reds’ shining star as his late goal propelled the club to the summit of the Premier League standings.And during Viaplay’s post-match coverage of the match, Arsenal legend Ljungberg lauded Elliott’s goal-taking, equating the youngster to Messi. The Swedish analyst was effusive in his praise.Elliott’s quick feet and speedy finish bore some resemblance to those of the footballing legend, while Messi’s quick feet were among the most hazardous in the history of the sport.Elliott’s goal, according to Ljungberg, now brings to mind the former Arsenal superstar Messi; the Liverpool midfielder deserves no higher praise.


Elliott’s goal prompted Ljungberg to remark, “He has exceptionally good feet. Elliott becomes almost Messi-like with his inside-outside turn, which elevates his technical prowess in dribbling and contributes to his opponents’ confusion.


Liverpool must maximize the effectiveness of Harvey Elliott’s technique.Messi comparisons are undoubtedly the highest praise a football player can currently receive; therefore, Elliott should be indignant at Ljungberg’s remarks.


After having collaborated with some of the greatest players of the twenty-first century, the former Sweden international is well-informed regarding the signs that indicate an adolescent has the makings of a world-class player.


And based on Ljungberg’s acclaim, Elliott could become precisely that for Liverpool, as his outstanding goal against Palace on Saturday made the midfielder the hero of the weekend for the Reds.


Elliott will not reach Messi’s level, but the Liverpool prospect has the potential to be a tremendous asset to the Anfield club in the years to come; Ljungberg is evidently quite impressed by the youngster’s technical prowess.