'The way he moves': Gary Lineker says Newcastle now have a player who reminds him of Chris Waddle. - soocer442
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‘The way he moves’: Gary Lineker says Newcastle now have a player who reminds him of Chris Waddle.



“The manner in which he moves”: Gary Lineker describes a new Newcastle player as resembling Chris Waddle.Gary Lineker now asserts that a particular Newcastle United player brings to mind the legendary Chris Waddle.

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 16: Newcastle player Lewis Miley celebrates with Bruno Guimaraes after scoring the first and his first senior goal during the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Fulham FC at St. James Park on December 16, 2023 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Lewis Miley, who has been performing exceptionally well for his organization, is beginning to garner considerable media attention.Lineker drew the parallel between the two players on The Rest Is Football podcast, following Miley’s outstanding goalscoring display against Fulham over the weekend.


Keith Lineker compares Miley to Waddle.

It is even less common to encounter a player of Miley’s stature surpassing the majority of her teammates, and even more uncommon is the fact that she possesses such exceptional technical ability.


However, Miley is precisely that, and it can be quite peculiar to observe at times how self-assured he appears to be when playing in the Premier League, as if he has been performing at his peak for the past decade or so.Lineker has now suggested that his running style is strikingly similar to that of Waddle, exhibiting a rigid and wooden gait that does not imply much effort until he has defeated two or three opponents in a row.


It is extremely high praise to be heaped upon Miley by someone of Lineker’s stature, but despite the burden he appears to be under, he continues to improve with each game he plays.


Lineker asked on his podcast, “Do you happen to know someone who slightly reminds me of him? Not always in his technique, but in his gait, as he does not inherently possess the appearance of a football player.Does anyone recall him? His running manner is marginally stiff. Could you tell me who he resembles? The Waddle, Chris.


“If you examine Chris, he never appeared to be a particularly gifted footballer; he ran with a wooden style and could drop his shoulder; he defeated opponents without appearing to be incredibly technically gifted; and Miley is not a wide man like Chris was; however, he is comparable to Chris in terms of his gait and the way he navigates the pitch.”Tonight, Newcastle might once more have to rely on Miley.

Despite the fact that Eddie Howe has not precisely implemented his ideal method of introducing Miley into the squad, Newcastle have been one of their better performers, particularly in their three most recent defeats.Due to the squad’s heavy load of injuries, the young man was thrust into the deep end; he has handled the burden of making the first team exceptionally well.


Tonight’s voyage to Chelsea may force Howe to rely on the midfielder from Stanley once more, as Joelinton’s return from Fulham with an injury is highly uncertain.


Having made her Champions League debut in Paris against some of the finest athletes in the world, Miley will without a doubt breeze through the Carabao Cup quarterfinal.


If Miley proves to be even a small portion as talented as Waddle, as Lineker hypothesizes, Newcastle will, if they were not already aware, be in possession of a significant talent.