“UNBELIEVABLE”Liverpool Finally ‘TOP TABLE’ FFA Deducted 15 Points as penalty from Man City and Chelsea are found guilty of …… - soocer442
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“UNBELIEVABLE”Liverpool Finally ‘TOP TABLE’ FFA Deducted 15 Points as penalty from Man City and Chelsea are found guilty of ……



“INOPEN TO COMPATibility”Liverpool is, in conclusion, “TOP TABLE.” Man City and Chelsea were assessed a 15-point penalty from the FFA subsequent to their conviction for…A Liverpool world-class icon will depart Anfield in 2024.


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The Sierra Leonean man convicted of assaulting Mohamed Salah last night while armed was sentenced to fifty years in prison.


Cristiano Ronaldo was on the verge of sustaining an injury when supporters assaulted him during Portugal’s match against Bosnia (video).


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The Premier League FFP allegations against Manchester City could potentially incite a “mutiny,” according to UEFA. The organization further advised that the team is amassing evidence to refute the league’s substantial claims, which could affect the match’s outcome.


The exhibitionist is Simon Bajkowski.A chief Manchester City supporter and author, bookmark Etihad Stadium.

Etihad Stadium is located in Manchester City. (Image credit: Danehouse/Getty Images; James Gill))UEFA has been warned that any resolution to the charges levied against Manchester City by the Premier League will “certainly provoke serious unrest among its member clubs to the point of mutiny.”


The issue has received increased attention since the league’s decision last week to deduct 10 points from Everton for violating Financial Fair Play regulations. Furthermore, speculation has emerged regarding the possible ramifications of this decision on any forthcoming sanctions that City might face in the event that the case against them is established.


Earlier this year, the Premier League levied a number of severe allegations against City, which encompassed nearly a decade of fraudulent financial reporting to the relevant sports governing bodies. The club will be presented with an opportunity to present its position to an unbiased tribunal that will assess the evidence. Indignantly, they will refute any allegation that they have failed to adhere to competition laws.A two-pronged warning from Everton and City is also available.


Guardiola has previously responded to Everton’s concerns regarding allegations against Manchester City.


The comprehensive investigation by the Premier League followed a similar assessment conducted by UEFA in 2020, which determined that City had contravened their financial fair play regulations and, as a consequence, should be barred from the Champions League for a duration of two years. City was found guilty of only one offense, which was its alleged refusal to cooperate with the UEFA investigation, which the team described as flawed. This ruling was reversed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS); however, the club’s public image remained unchanged.Competitors have expressed interest in further penalties being imposed on the Blues, and the Premier League has been operating during a period when external factors have cast doubt on the league’s ability to exercise authority. The abrupt decision to level such grave accusations against the English champions just twenty-four hours before the British government was scheduled to release a White Paper on football governance reform was noted by many. Even the Premier League’s official website was taken aback by the news; at first, it erroneously listed the precise charges against City.In a brief public opinion survey conducted at the time, three out of every four football fans believed that City had violated the rules. Pep Guardiola retaliates by asserting that the team was publicly reprimanded without an opportunity to present a defense. As the group readies itself to present an extensive legal argument in support of the impartial panel, it appears indisputable that the outcome will profoundly influence the sport and the numerous teams striving for dominance.


“Although the authors shall refrain from making any predictions as to the outcome of the present matter, one thing is certain, and that is the danger the autonomy of sport is facing regarding its self-regulation,” Drs. Gregory Ioannidis and Dan Plumley write in the International Sports Law Review.


Different forces are at play here, influencing how each stakeholder makes decisions. It is highly likely that UEFA will see severe dissatisfaction among its member clubs, possibly even to the extent of rebellion, regardless of how the current debate ends.“The financial might of football teams like Manchester City, coupled with the skill of their lawyers dissecting the intricate and ineffective regulations (contra preferentem is one example), can only serve to highlight how inadequately these rules are applied.”


Even while the verdict will probably spark a heated discussion about the merits of independent regulation and financial fair play regulations, City and the Premier League will be severely impacted by the hearing. Due to the unusual nature of the charges and their scope, industry insiders predict that a resolution will take years.

Based on the limited public information available regarding the case and the CAS verdict’s conclusions, it is highly probable that City will be found guilty of failing to cooperate with a different inquiry. But in order to satisfy the judging panel, according to prominent sports lawyer Ioannidis (a professor at Sheffield Hallam University) and sports finance expert Plumley (also at Sheffield Hallam University), the Premier League must instead substantiate its most damning allegations, which are held to a higher standard than a typical civil case due to their seriousness.They add, “The Premier League’s argument that Manchester City did not cooperate with the Premier League’s investigation would not be good enough.” In order to comply with the present laws, the Premier League would need to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that Manchester City intentionally withheld or failed to provide accurate financial information pertaining to their earnings.


“The Premier League has a heavy burden here. However, given the seriousness of the accusations made, it shouldn’t be simple.


“If the Premier League is able to carry out this duty, it will then fall on Manchester City, who will have to react and make an effort to carry it out. Thus, the standard of proof’s sliding scale will be fully applied in this case.


This means that advisors need to be aware that the Panel’s ultimate judgment may be determined by the strength of the evidence and how it is presented.


With permission from Thomson Reuters Sweet & Maxwell and the writers, excerpts from the International Sports Law Review are reprinted here: © Thomson Reuters and Contributors 2023