‘Very pleased to hear’… President just loves what £300k-a-week Man City star has said. - soocer442
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‘Very pleased to hear’… President just loves what £300k-a-week Man City star has said.



“I am overjoyed to hear”… The President adores earning £300,000 per week. Bernardo departed after appearing in only three first-team games for Manchester City, but his decision has been completely vindicated, according to a Man City star.

Bernardo was instrumental in Monaco’s 2016–17 championship season, and he has become one of the finest players in the world while contributing to a multitude of trophies with City.


His apparent intention is to return to Benfica at some point, which Rui Costa finds immensely gratifying…


Rui Costa responds to recent remarks made by Bernardo Silva regarding a possible return to Benfica.Rui Costa, the president of Benfica, stated that he was “ecstatic” to learn of Manchester City star Bernardo Silva’s recent remarks regarding the possibility of his future return to the club.


Recently, the £43 million man from Manchester City expressed interest in returning to the Portuguese powers later in his career, having parted ways with them sadly in 2015 to join AS Monaco.Bernardo’s future intentions with Benfica remain uncertain at this time; however, he is contractually bound to City until 2026, although few anticipate that he will remain at the Etihad.


Constant speculation surrounds Bernardo’s potential departure from the club, but it appears he has remained for an extended period of time. His most recent contract reportedly included a release clause worth approximately £50 million, which makes it possible that he will be transferred next summer.


Nonetheless, at the age of 29, he might transfer to a different club prior to Benfica.


In any case, Rui Costa had a positive reaction to the news he recently received from Bernardo: “As a Benfica fan, not as president of the club, I was extremely delighted to hear it.”As a former player myself, I can attest to the fact that it frequently depends not only on the individual but also on the institution he is a member of. This is not an item to be done tomorrow. Whoever is president on the day he determines to return to Benfica will be responsible for that decision. “Since that does not occur until 2025, I am unable to make any determinations regarding that.”


“Everyone bears responsibility when something fails to transpire as intended. When discussing Bernardo, one is referring to one of the preeminent athletes globally. His absence from Benfica is deeply regretted, but he rightfully ranks among the elite of international football at this time. That he has never concealed his admiration for Benfica greatly pleases me. Every Benfica supporter, including myself, wishes for him to once more don our jersey.


Bernardo will almost certainly rejoin Benfica prior to his retirement.

There is a high probability that Bernardo will return to Benfica prior to hanging up his cleats.It is incredible to consider that he only participated in a handful of games for them prior to his departure, given the caliber of player that he has developed into.Evidently, Benfica is eager to have him return, as £300,000-per-week star Bernardo has indicated he is quite enthusiastic about doing so.


It would be desirable for him to transition, and it is anticipated that he will maintain his exceptional level of play. Considering his extraordinary intelligence as a footballer, one would assume that he would significantly enhance their team upon his arrival, despite being in his mid-thirties.