Watch how Manchester City 32-years-old Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne angry misconduct against his coach Pep Guardiola substituting him Man City vs Liverpool draw match - soocer442
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Manchester City

Watch how Manchester City 32-years-old Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne angry misconduct against his coach Pep Guardiola substituting him Man City vs Liverpool draw match



City showed they are ready to go all the way for a record-setting Premier League title by drawing Liverpool in a tough game.

On the way to Liverpool on Sunday morning, animals were seen on the M62. It also looked crazy on the Anfield sidelines when Kevin De Bruyne yelled at Pep Guardiola and his coaching staff after a change in the second half that the Belgian didn’t like. All of the adults involved can explain this behavior as the way winners act. De Bruyne will have seen how the changes helped City get a draw that they could have lost, even if he didn’t like it at the time.

City was ahead in this game and had chances to win it, but they will settle for a point instead because it keeps them in the running for the big prizes. Even though Liverpool came back into the game with a roar, they were not able to capitalize enough to take the win.

Watch how Manchester City 32-years-old Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne angry misconduct against his coach Pep Guardiola substituting him Man City vs Liverpool draw match

These games could begin in a lot of different ways, but let’s go with Trent Alexander Arnold’s comment that Liverpool’s titles “mean more.” He has every right to think it, but it was silly of him to say it in public before another game in a rivalry that has been full of pointless hostility. Also, even if it’s not true, Liverpool had a lot more reason to win Sunday’s game than City did.

This gave the club from Merseyside a chance to move four points ahead of City. At the end of the month, when City plays Arsenal, they will have the chance to go seven points ahead of City. City is in the last few months of their great manager’s tenure, but their trophy cabinet isn’t as full as many people think it should be because they’ve been so good. A game at a stadium Guardiola has never won at in front of a crowd was the right way to celebrate.

Even without Klopp, only two of Liverpool’s starting eleven players have won the Premier League before. This was partly because others were hurt; Mo Salah and Andy Robertson would have started if they were fully fit, but it wasn’t like the kids had been picked up from a Kirkby parking lot. Last year, City had this problem with Arsenal. Guardiola complained about how much stronger the North London club was for most of the season, but City came through just in time.

At Anfield, on the other hand, every City player knows what it’s like to not only win a league, but also win all three. Erling Haaland said things that weren’t as well known as his answer to Alexander-Arnold, but the team knows what it’s like to do just enough to get to March, when trophies are still up for grabs, before putting on their best show.

A big part of the afternoon, City had their best afternoon at Anfield in a while. After Merseyside Police changed their route, their team bus got to the game late and missed the loud welcome. Kyle Walker won the toss and turned the teams around. City then put their game on Anfield and Caoimhin Kelleher had to make a couple of saves in the first ten minutes.

Even when Liverpool woke up and put pressure on the Blues, they were strong and calm enough to keep them at bay. Then, when they needed to, they were cruel like winners and scored when no one was looking. With help from a sleepy Darwin Nunez, De Bruyne and Nathan Ake set up John Stones to score the first goal with a near-post corner move.

The players’ celebrations in front of the traveling fans made it clear who was having more fun. The goal also showed that City’s threat could beat Liverpool and Anfield. You might be able to stop trickery in open play, but a set piece goal scored by a defense can be your downfall.

Things were going really well for City, but they all went away as soon as the second half began. Ederson was way too short when Ake passed the ball back to him, and the goalie was so bad with the ball that he took out Nunez for a penalty.

In addition to Alexis Mac Allister’s penalty kick goal that tied the game, Ederson was hurt in the tackle and had to leave the game. Stefan Ortega was brought on as a substitute for City in the second half. City quickly gave up when they were ahead, putting them on the back foot.

The game changed, and from then on, it was up to City to keep Liverpool out. Having Salah come off the bench made things more dangerous for the Blues. It was clear that Guardiola had to try to calm things down, even though De Bruyne didn’t like being the fall guy.

Mateo Kovacic and Jeremy Doku both got better than they were before. Doku used the ball better than he has in a while to make things difficult in the attacking third. He was very unlucky when he got a chance to shoot late in the game and hit the inside of the post. The ball then bounced back to Kelleher.

Even though Foden didn’t know much about it, he saw the ball bounce off of him and onto the bar, so City didn’t spend the whole second half protecting. The roar that came with eight minutes of extra time, on the other hand, was clearly from the home fans.

So City kept the score even and took a point back down the highway. They may not have been as angry as they could have been at this point. A lot of league games between Klopp and Guardiola have finished in a draw, which was a fun game to watch.

Even though there are two very good teams above them, City is sure that the season will end the same way it has the last five years in a row:

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