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What Jurgen Klopp did in the tunnel at Manchester City shows just how much he loves Alexis Mac Allister



Jugen Klopp makes a new claim regarding Alexis MacAllister after observing him play against Manchester City. Jurgen Klopp issues a statement concerning Alexis Mac Allister subsequent to his observation of his performance in the match against Manchester City.This continued today in the Argentine’s away excursion to Manchester City, his most challenging assignment to date for Liverpool. Mac Allister, on the other hand, managed to hold on for the most part, and during his post-match press conference, Klopp was keen to highlight the performance of his No. 10.


“I was required to address the question in the press conference prior to the game: Can Macca play as a six?” The discussion was instigated by the manager.


“He certainly can,” He definitely is capable. Furthermore, all observers agreed that he was capable of playing at number six, but his defensive performance was questionable. Did we reach a state of compactness? That subsequently emerged as the problem, albeit one that was considerably less severe.Jurgen Klopp has reiterated his belief in the defensive midfielder Alexis Mac Allister’s ability to perform admirably for Liverpool.


The position of Mac Allister in this reconstituted Liverpool squad has been a topic of considerable debate throughout the course of the season. Nevertheless, despite being the subject of numerous recommendations to promote the 24-year-old, Mac Allister has been the player of choice for Klopp at No. 6.”We have already endured many difficult moments this season, and today is no exception.”


Mac Allister exhibits commendable performance at the Etihad Stadium, and Klopp’s assessment of his potential for a more substantial role has remained unaltered.


The former Brighton player is capable of completing the task, but the assistance of the rest of the squad is necessary, as stated repeatedly by the manager.In the event that the defensive configuration is compromised, Mac Allister may become vulnerable. Last season, Fabinho, like virtually every defensive midfielder in history, exhibited this trait.


This could not be more prominently featured in any other game than the away journey to Manchester City. As a result, recommendations circulated prior to the match that Klopp utilize Wataru Endo.By remaining loyal to Mac Allister, Jurgen, nevertheless, was rewarded.Despite the fact that he has not been faultless for the Reds thus far, Macca arguably put forth his most impressive effort since joining in the summer.


One could offer the World Cup champion the highest praise possible today for never seeming out of place. Playing such a solitary role against one of the finest teams in history is not an easy feat.


It will ideally provide Mac Allister with a much-needed confidence boost and prove to him and the world that he is capable of continuing in this role for the foreseeable future. Undoubtedly, there will be additional calls for his increased utilization in the forward position. However, Macca addressed a significant number of critics today. Outstanding effort, Alexis!

Jurgen Klopp’s behavior in the Manchester City tunnel demonstrates his deep affection for Alexis Mac Allister.Jurgen Klopp has repeatedly emphasized how valuable he considers Alexis Mac Allister to be in the Liverpool lineup.


Despite the Argentine’s lack of comfort in an unfamiliar defensive role thus far this season, Klopp has continued to give him his all.As per Mac Allister’s own account, this has reportedly prompted jests among his colleagues at Liverpool. The 24-year-old claimed in September that some of his South American compatriots at Anfield had begun to refer to Jurgen Klopp as “Dad,” similar to Mac Allister, after he was re-joined the squad after the international break.


That is if Darwin Nunez, Luis Diaz, and company are granted access to the most recent episode of the ‘Inside’ series on the YouTube channel of Liverpool. Then Alexis could potentially endure further derision. Saturday, following Liverpool’s 1-1 stalemate with Manchester City, LFCTV cameras captured an amicable exchange between Klopp and his No. 10 inside the tunnel.


Mac Allister strolls down the stairs at the Etihad on a chilly day while wearing only a T-shirt and rubbing his biceps. Jurgen, who is trailing behind, emits a coat-related bark as he prepares to remove his own and give it to Macca.The World Cup champion seems to wave Klopp away, but not before the manager remarks, “By the way, the temperature inside is the same as the outside.” Pure fatherly conduct from Jurgen; it is delightful to observe.


Jurgen delights Mac Allister.

This is a humorous moment from Klopp, who is obviously elderly enough to be the father of Mac Allister and each of his teammates.


However, beyond the paternal instincts of the supervisor, this clip serves to demonstrate how highly he regards Alexis.We all know that Klopp adores intelligent players. His inclination is to perceive beyond mere numerical values, and he consistently chooses individuals who provide him with insights that statistics may not consistently capture.


While Bobby Firmino may not have been the most prolific scorer or creator for Liverpool, he was Klopp’s most utilized player for the Reds until recently for a reason.Although Mac Allister is still in his infancy, it appears that the former Brighton player will pursue a comparable path. With the exception of the match against Brentford, which he was suspended from, Macca has started each of Liverpool’s Premier League matches to date.


Despite receiving varying evaluations regarding his aptitude for defensive midfield, Klopp continues to select him and publicly support him.


Although it is unlikely that he will ultimately play for Liverpool, Jurgen appears to have discovered the newest player on whom he can hang his cap, regardless of position. Alexis should certainly be pleased with that garment.