Something very strange is going on with Jude Bellingham and three Liverpool stars. - soocer442
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Something very strange is going on with Jude Bellingham and three Liverpool stars.



There is an extremely peculiar occurrence involving Jude Bellingham and three Liverpool players.Jude Bellingham must be among the early frontrunners for the Ballon d’Or next year. Much depends on Real Madrid’s performance in various competitions, but it is never a poor bet to predict the Spanish giant will advance far in Europe, and the English sensation is driving the club’s success this season.

It was beyond anyone’s comprehension how magnificently he would begin in the capital of Spain. Bellingham recently surpassed the record held by Cristiano Ronaldo for the most goals scored in the club’s first 15 games of La Liga with 14, accomplished in a fiery debut.Even those who predicted Bellingham would achieve phenomenal success did not anticipate this outcome. The individual who was attracting interest from clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester City was a captivating combination of all the qualities one could desire in a midfielder. Real Madrid has quickly converted him into a second striker, filling the void created by the departure of Karim Benzema.Liverpool, having abandoned Bellingham early, moved on to other matters and quickly completed a deal to acquire Alexis Mac Allister by exercising his release clause. Dominik Szoboszlai was subsequently granted access to the premises, also by virtue of a clause.Mac Allister has been relegated from number six to number ten by Liverpool, which is akin to the opposite treatment he received at Bellingham. Consequently, the Argentine’s move has been more subdued than anticipated, whereas the Englishman’s has been more forceful.


However, beneath the surface, their performances have been remarkably similar. According to the reputable website FBref, in the past year, when both Mac Allister and Bellingham have occupied a range of midfield positions, the Liverpool player is the individual most statistically similar to the Real Madrid player.


Although this is likely to change as the goal threat from Mac Allister’s time at Brighton begins to fade from the rolling year-long evaluation, the skill sets of the two players are remarkably similar. Few players, if not everyone, could effortlessly switch between such dissimilar positions and still feel at ease in an elite squad.But then things begin to become extremely peculiar. Harvey Elliott is also ranked sixth on FBref’s ranking of players comparable to Bellingham, which includes Szoboszlai which ranks second.


There is not a single representative from any other club on the list of comparable athletes to Bellingham. Liverpool has seemingly constructed a midfield full of players resembling the former Borussia Dortmund player without actually possessing him.


Implementing a triumvirate consisting of Mac Allister, Szoboszlai, and Elliott is not implausible, considering the manner in which Jürgen Klopp utilizes the former Brighton player. Elliott performed admirably in midweek’s match against LASK; therefore, he might even start in the middle against Fulham.One midfield substitution that has been implemented on a regular basis is Ryan Gravenberch in lieu of Elliott. The Dutchman fails to secure a spot on Bellingham’s list; however, when the search is inverted and the criteria are players most comparable to the Liverpool sensation, Bellingham is positioned at number one.This is truly unsettling. While FBref may not possess exhaustive knowledge, its player comparison tool is constructed exclusively from empirical data. It is improbable that Liverpool has amassed four players who bear striking resemblances to Bellingham, a player it diligently pursued for an extended period of time. Such a coincidence seems improbable.


One advantageous aspect of Klopp’s abundance of midfielders similar to Bellingham is that he possesses a diverse group of individuals who are exceptionally versatile. Consequently, they can be fielded in unison, thereby establishing an engine room of unparalleled quality.


Considering this was the primary area of concern during the previous season, the magnitude and velocity of the reversal are truly remarkable. Although Mac Allister, Szoboszlai, Elliott, and Gravenberch will have to exert considerable effort to maintain the comparisons to Bellingham, Liverpool’s midfield is undoubtedly in good hands.