'Amazing': Jose Mourinho says one Newcastle man has impressed him so much recently. - soocer442
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‘Amazing’: Jose Mourinho says one Newcastle man has impressed him so much recently.



“Absolute”: Jose Mourinho describes a Newcastle player who has recently astounded him.Jose Mourinho, the manager of Roma, disclosed that one Newcastle United player has particularly impressed him in recent matches.

ROME, ITALY – DECEMBER 10: Head coach Josè Mourinho of AS Roma gestures during the Serie A TIM match between AS Roma and ACF Fiorentina at Stadio Olimpico on December 10, 2023 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images)

This week, the former manager of Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham heaped praise on Eddie Howe, stating that the Newcastle manager has once again surpassed expectations this season.Mourinho stated on The Obi One Podcast that Howe is performing “outstanding” for Newcastle, but added that he had no qualms whatsoever regarding the performance he displayed against PSG a month ago.


Mourinho is impressed by Howe’s performance in the North East.

It is highly commendable that a manager of Howe’s stature and one of the greatest in history would express amazement at the work that Howe is performing. Such praise is beyond description.


Although football is progressing without the seemingly set-in-his-way 60-year-old, his contributions to the sport will never be undervalued, and Howe will undoubtedly admire Mourinho in an effort to achieve the same level of success at Newcastle as he did throughout his tenure.


Additionally, the sixty-year-old expressed his regret at not being in charge of Newcastle against Paris Saint-Germain during that contentious last-minute penalty kick that ultimately eliminated the hosts from Europe.


Mourinho’s behavior towards the referees from the sidelines is notorious, and it would have been fascinating to compare and contrast his approach to the same situation with that of Howe.


Regarding Newcastle, Mourinho remarked, “Outstanding effort. “My absence as Newcastle manager during the Paris match is beyond my comprehension!”Frequently, Mourinho has been linked to the position on Tyneside.

Upon the completion of the Saudi-backed acquisition, numerous rumors circulated associating Newcastle with renowned managers, with Mourinho being among the most prominent.


Due to his association with Sir Bobby Robson, Mourinho harbors considerable admiration for Newcastle and has been frequently linked with the managerial role, despite the fact that Howe remains in control and the club is performing admirably.


Newcastle are believed to require an elite manager to lead them to the next level following the departure of Gordon Waye, but it has been quite some time since Mourinho accomplished anything truly remarkable in the sport.


Additionally, the legendary manager has incited considerable controversy in every place he has been, which may not align with the current ownership’s objectives. However, one thing is certain: he was always destined for success.