“It is true” – Manager admits reason that expensive midfielder is left out. - soocer442
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“It is true” – Manager admits reason that expensive midfielder is left out.



Manager: “It is true”; justifies the omission of the costly midfielder.The only conspicuous absence from Mauricio Pochettino’s squad that faced Newcastle today was Moises Caicedo.

During the international break, the midfielder participated in two 90-minute matches with Ecuador and returned to Stamford Bridge only yesterday. He was never going to make the field today, as the coach informed us at his press conference yesterday.Pochettino commented as follows regarding the box-to-box powerhouse’s absence:


“It is accurate to say that Moises Caicedo’s minutes must be meticulously managed.


“He has only had one training session since his return from international duty with Ecuador yesterday; therefore, we deemed it prudent to avoid any potential [injury] complications and proceed with caution with him in light of the numerous upcoming games.”


“We have a large squad for this reason: to make use of our athletes. “We do not want to force players to play when they may not be in ideal condition; therefore, Moises’s decision not to start is merely to avoid any potential danger.”His name appears on the bench; however, if we have received medical advice that suggests playing him is not a good idea, we should make every effort to prevent it. There exist alternative choices that have the potential to effect change.The fact that both of our starting midfielders are frequently playing for their respective international teams in South America is an unavoidable circumstance that will require the construction of the squad to accommodate.