Lad hilariously recreates Martin Tyler's commentary from Liverpool vs Newcastle, Reds fans are loving it. - soocer442
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Lad hilariously recreates Martin Tyler’s commentary from Liverpool vs Newcastle, Reds fans are loving it.



Reds supporters are enthralled by a youngster’s comical recreation of Martin Tyler’s commentary from Liverpool vs. Newcastle.A person has replicated the commentary of Martin Tyler regarding Liverpool’s victory over Newcastle.

To be completely candid, he has truly mastered it.


In all honesty, Tyler probably wouldn’t concur with that statement.Following Liverpool’s 2-0 triumph over Newcastle at St. James’ Park, supporters expressed their discontent with Tyler’s performance from the commentary booth.


It is widely acknowledged that Merseyside supporters on the opposing side perceive the Sky Sports commentator as having a personal agenda against their club of choice, frequently characterizing him as “biased.”


Furthermore, his response to Darwin Nunez’s weekend goal appeared to infuriate the supporters even further.


Following Tyler’s inquiry into the validity of the striker’s goal, the Anfield Agenda Twitter page stated, “‘Nunez believes he has scored.'” “Martin Tyler is a source of shame.”Rapidly, others joined in.


One individual responded, “Martin Tyler is squandering his livelihood.”


An additional commentator stated, “Martin Tyler is utterly devastated by that Nunez goal.”


A third individual further stated, “The desperation in his voice.” “What the f****r!”A fourth individual added, “For how much longer must we endure Martin Tyler during LFC games? “He prayed that there was an error with Nunez’s goal.”


Therefore, upon personally hearing Tyler’s remarks, content creator Andy Cantwell responded immediately.


Cantwell, however, determined that a more effective method to demonstrate the point than to simply complain about it online was to imitate Tyler’s reaction in the commentary booth.While donning a pair of headphones, Cantwell hilariously imitates each phrase Tyler utters in his video!


However, his actions speak considerably more forcefully than his words.


Cantwell, imitating Tyler, can be seen visibly disheartened as Nunez deflects the ball into the Newcastle goal past Nick Pope.


He even indicates a handball by shaking his head and pointing to his wrist at one point.Cantwell displays disgusted expressions while recreating Cody Gakpo’s goal by scratching his cranium and rubbing his face as Liverpool extend their lead away from home.


Essentially, he is attempting to imply that Tyler was extremely irate that the Reds were destroying the high-flying Magpies.


Liverpool supporters were enthralled with the footage Cantwell uploaded to Twitter and flocked to the comments section to express their opinions.


One Liverpool supporter responded, tagging his friends as well: “Absolutely fantastic. He is a genius.”


Another commented, “He is phenomenal at these. Tyler is extremely depleting.


One third person concluded, “Andy, that’s fantastic!” Exactsly how a great number of Liverpool supporters have been perceiving Tyler recently: “consistently pessimistic, monotonous, and downright tedious when exciting things occur for us.”