Martin Tyler picks Liverpool goal over Sergio Aguero title winner as favourite commentary moment. - soocer442
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Martin Tyler picks Liverpool goal over Sergio Aguero title winner as favourite commentary moment.



Martin Tyler identifies the Liverpool goal that prevented Sergio Aguero from winning the title as his most cherished moment of commentary.His preferred match of his commentary career does not involve Sergio Aguero or Manchester City, as stated by Martin Tyler.

Tyler is poised to turn fifty years old as one of the most renowned voices in British football broadcasting. His milestone will soon be reached.


Over the years, the 78-year-old has provided commentary on numerous memorable games; in some instances, his analysis has gained equal notoriety to the on-field action.


An instance of this type was Aguero’s championship-securing goal on the very last day of the 2011/12 campaign. City defeated Queens Park Rangers 3-2 through two goals scored in extra time, with Tyler’s prediction of Aguero’s game-winning goal being arguably the most renowned piece of Premier League commentary ever.Nevertheless, the seasoned broadcaster has conceded that that particular event is not to his liking. Conversely, he has a preference for Liverpool’s momentous 4-3 triumph over Newcastle in April 1996.


Collymore’s 92nd-minute strike handed Liverpool the victory, which ultimately proved to be Newcastle’s undoing in terms of the championship.


Tyler replied to the Sunday Edition question regarding his favorite game of his career: “The initial of the Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3s, which concluded with Kevin Keegan draped over the side of the advertising hoarding and the words ‘Collymore closing in’.”Amidst the [Covid] pandemic, Sky Sports re-broadcast the game, and I was accompanied by one of my daughters who has only heard me rave about it but has yet to attend.Thus, we sat down, and although I had anticipated that it wouldn’t be as excellent as I remembered it to be, that was precisely how it turned out; it was even better.


“It had everything; Liverpool took the lead early and did not relinquish it until Stan scored in extra time; it was an incredible match.”Both were vying for the championship, but unsuccessfully did so; consequently, a degree of dissatisfaction arose.


While Liverpool’s sensational triumph, as well as Tyler’s eloquent commentary, will endure in the memories of all who witnessed the early years of the Premier League, Man City supporters may be taken aback.