Breaking News : Chelsea relegation, Man City points deduction, Arsenal wait - FFP punishments decided. - soocer442
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Breaking News : Chelsea relegation, Man City points deduction, Arsenal wait – FFP punishments decided.



After Everton was docked 10 points, a panel discusses financial penalties and the league’s future landscape.The Premier League has created a significant complication by docking Everton points as the inaugural English club to incur penalties for violations of financial regulations. Last week, the Toffees received their immediate punishment as Sean Dyche’s squad descended from trouble-free mid-table mediocrity to the bottom three.


Despite having more points in the last two weeks compared to Burnley in the first twelve games of the season, Everton are now one goal difference away from propped up the table. Following surpassing the £105 million loss threshold over a three-year continuous period, the Merseyside club is presently confronted with numerous challenges.


In addition to inciting indignation among blue corner supporters, it has engendered an ambiguous and precarious football environment for other teams to navigate. The only other current Premier League club facing charges is Manchester City, and even that comes with the proviso that they have been accused of 115 transgressions over a decade.In the background, Chelsea is present in all of this. At this time, the Blues do not stand accused, but they are subject to scrutiny regarding the following: A) their present adherence to profit and sustainability regulations in England and UEFA’s financial policies, which are comparatively less rigorous; B) allegations of undisclosed payments made during transfer transactions during the ownership of Roman Abramovich; and C) additional instances of non-reporting and omission of information pertaining to the trophy-laden tenure of the Russian oligarch.



How, if at all, Everton ought to have been punished has been the subject of heated debate over the past week, along with plausible and doomsday-like suggestions and potential repercussions for Chelsea and City. In this case, football.London writers assess the league’s decision and speculate on the circumstances that lie ahead.Writer for US Audiences, Tom Coley

This week has been particularly gloomy for English football. On the surface, Everton’s punishment for what will ultimately be deemed “only £20 million over” appears severe, but that is also nearly 20% over the loss threshold and is not wholly attributable to exacerbating factors, despite their arguments to the contrary. It is not a favorable look that portions of their report were allegedly also deceptive.It is difficult to dispute whether Everton merited a punishment, but using this magnitude as the standard sets a hazardous precedent that is likely to be consistently applied in the years to come. Already prepared with their kiosk, Everton anticipates a chaotic situation.


It is somewhat absurd to engage in comparisons, but that is precisely what will occur. If maintaining Everton’s position is considered a sporting advantage, then City and Chelsea, if accused, will undoubtedly find themselves in significant peril as well. Punishment is inevitable at some juncture, and while it may appear equitable in a world where money is everything and more money, it does raise concerns about the trajectory of the game.The sentiment of exuberance has departed from football, particularly among the highest-level players, and this only serves to exacerbate the already deep wounds. If it’s not Everton, someone else will soon be, and if that person is not City or Chelsea, it won’t be long before a slew of additional accusations are circulated elsewhere.


Luke Thrower writes for Trends.

The impact of the Everton case and subsequent violations of profit and sustainability will likely challenge the Premier League’s determination to strictly enforce these regulations. Although the ten-point deduction may appear severe, it was determined by an independent commission that they obtained a competitive edge for a period of four years, despite the requirement that such conduct be accompanied by a distinct deterrent.Due to the league’s present regulations, response times to breaches are excessively sluggish; teams have already been relegated as a consequence of Everton’s conduct. As doubts persist regarding the equilibrium of play within the Premier League, the existing concern is how this matter should be universally addressed.


In reality, the disparity among the top six or seven clubs is widening due to the Champions League’s and Premier League television money’s continued revenue growth. Under the existing structure, teams are unable to demonstrate the same level of financial strength as those in the established positions at the top. This results in teams such as Everton expending money but ultimately failing to benefit. This is a pattern that has already been observed in the Championship, where teams have fallen into financial abysses after exceeding their financial means, including the parachute payment teams.It will be an evaluation of the Premier League’s commitment to promoting equality throughout its structure, as opposed to maintaining the current system that enables some teams to qualify for and maintain positions in the established top six, while others are unable to compete, are constrained by financial desperation, or are unable to surpass those regulations in pursuit of establishment or ambition.


Josh Holland is a writer for US Audience.

An international vacation during which England plays two dead rubber games is rarely so awe-inspiring. Despite the fact that Everton’s punishment was not unexpected, it still shocked all of us in light of the looming problems concerning Chelsea and Manchester City.

The existing system appears to be relatively inequitable, and the decision has not been well received. Fortunately for Everton, at Goodison Park, Sean Dyche has assembled a streamlined squad that ought to possess sufficient strength to maintain their position in the Premier League.


10 points is unjust for such minor transgressions, but the most significant uncertainty is what this means for Manchester City and Chelsea. Alleged hidden payments and under-the-table transactions are becoming more prevalent in modern sports, and it is impossible for governing bodies to keep up, as both cases have demonstrated.


I wholeheartedly support Financial Fair Play. One could argue that the absence of it would result in the demise of Everton, which would undoubtedly cause great sorrow on the blue side of Merseyside. Presently, the financial situation is precarious. The Premier League is focused on its next FFP victim.Sam Hill is an author for Trends.

In my opinion, the sanction of a 10-point deduction for Everton due to a solitary violation of the Profit and Sustainability regulations of the Premier League was excessively severe. Although exceeding the three-year limit of £105 million by £19.5 million may not seem like much in the current landscape of football, the penalty imposed on the Toffees is unquestionably preferable to a simple fine.


Nevertheless, this establishes an unmistakable precedent as Manchester City awaits the results of their ongoing investigation. In light of the Everton case, I cannot imagine the reigning Premier League champions receiving any punishment other than a hefty points deduction and possible relegation from the English top division, should they be found guilty of violating FFP regulations on all 115 charges against them.


City and their rivals are visibly frustrated that a decision has not yet been made, and the Premier League must act promptly to put an end to the speculation regarding the future of the treble champions from the previous season. If the Premier League is sincere about clubs violating financial regulations, as they seem to be, then City and Chelsea, at the very least, could face a substantial sanction that would fundamentally alter the course of English football.


I am convinced that a thorough examination of club ownership and the implementation of FFP regulations within the sport is necessary, as we now run the risk of subjecting one of the most illustrious teams in modern history to severe sanctions if they are found culpable of the alleged rule violations. Although the current sanction has been levied against Everton, it is possible that in the future the same sanction will be imposed on City or Chelsea, regardless of which club you support, provided that regulations are applied fairly and universally adhered to.